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Sangam Fest

Prof. H S Shivaprakash Curator
Curator's Message


The Confluence of World Poetry-1 Sangam 2022 is the first ever Confluence if World Poets being organised in Karnataka, the home of 1000-year-old unbroken tradition of poetry. The venue of the event is Bellary, a big town bordering on Hampi, a treasure-trove of masterpieces of sculpture and architecture An internationally acclaimed tourist destination, Hampi is the site of a great literary and cultural efflorescence during Medieval period. Apart from reliving the cultural glory of this hub of creative achievements of the region, Sangam 2022 is an initiative meant for reassertion of the oneness and kinship of the world, which was badly disrupted by of late by the global pandemic. Now that the pandemic has receded to a considerable extent, it is time we celebrate the togetherness of mankind and the world through poetry, the deepest wellspring of human love and passion. The event is scheduled to take place between 21 to 24th October 2022, involving nearly fifty poets: thirty from around the globe and twenty eminent poets from India, providing space and platform for poems and poets from far-flung dialogue and discover their essential unity amidst apparent diversity.

S Pannaraj Arivu
Arivu Message


Arivu Institute has been functioning in Bellary for the last couple of decades and has been conducting think tanks especially to develop scientific spirit and rationality among the public. Literary and cultural programs emphasizing on rationality are being developed and social thinking is being developed among the youth.

Places of Historical Importance


The Tungabhadra Dam, also known as Pampa Sagar, is constructed across the Tungabhadra River, The dam is in Hosapete, Vijayanagara district of Karnataka. It is a multipurpose dam serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, etc. This is a joint project of erstwhile Hyderabad state and erstwhile Madras Presidency when the construction was started;[1] later it became a joint project of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh after its completion in 1953. The main architect of the dam was Vepa Krishnamurthy, ISE, Engineer-in-Chief, Hyderabad State, after Police Action, an engineer from Madras PWD.

Sangam Fest


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